Wordhoard Communications


Tourism consultancy services

Wordhoard offers tourism consultancy services across Ireland and specialises in supporting the development of grassroots tourism through communities and networks.

Current clients include Fáilte Ireland, The Sheep’s Head and Bantry Tourism Co-operative, and the West Cork islands. We designed and implemented the award-winning “Living the Sheep’s Head Way” initiative. We work closely with communities to help them develop sustainable tourism strategies that will attract positive tourism that is profitable for visitors as well as the people they meet.

We also provide tourism research services, training, and other supports.

Specialist editing services

Wordhoard also provides specialist editing services to academics working in the fields of conflict research, international relations, and peace studies.

What connects these activities?

The combination of tourism and international relations might seem unusual, but there is a strong common thread. Both fields rely on the ability of words and ideas to carry beyond the place where they’re created to generate positive social effects as well as economic benefits.

In all our work, we aim to contribute to the development, sustainability, and resilience of local communities.

To find out how Wordhoard can help you, email info@wordhoard.ie or call +353 (0)86 303 0991.

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