New Tourism Co-operative Established for Sheep’s Head Way Communities

Businesses along the successful Sheep’s Head Way walking route are pulling together to form a new tourism co-operative which will help to promote tourism on the Sheep’s Head peninsula — as well as in Bantry and the surrounding areas — to an international audience.   ‘When we work together, we can make a much bigger […]

Cork Teens Take Emigration Play to the UK

In February 2013, an ambitious cultural exchange scheme will see 18 pupils from Coláiste Choilm in Ballincollig heading to a Coventry school to stage a play about emigration. Then, in March, a group of 18 Coventry youngsters will be welcomed to Ballincollig where they’ll mount their own multimedia display about the lives and times of […]

How to Schedule Posts on Facebook

  You have a Facebook page for your business, but — if the times when you’re able to sit down and draft posts don’t match up with the times when your audience is online — it’s time to get to grips with Facebook post scheduling.   Too Much, Too Soon When you have an hour […]

A Surprising Encounter

    When I went to take photos of a West Cork holiday home for a website I’m building, I wasn’t expecting to bump into this fellow. He’s an alpaca – not exactly a native species – but he seemed quite happy to be enjoying a quiet life with fine views…

The Irish Problem

There has been a fuss on Twitter for the last few days about Collins Dictionary’s use of the following elements in its definition of Irishness: adjective 1. of, relating to, or characteristic of Ireland, its people, their Celtic language, or their dialect of English 2. informal offensive ludicrous or illogical It’s this second definition that’s […]

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